Geolocation service for children, elders and pets

with family approach.

Weenect is GPS device for location-based tracking connected to Weenect online portal and mobile application for smartphones and tablets. Devices have built-in SIM card and some models can be used as two-sides communicators. Moreover, Weenect works in more than 80 countries across the world.

Functions and features

3 meters accuracy

Both Weenect online portal and mobile application use Google Maps technology so maximal accuracy of GPS is combined with fully featured and up to date map data.

Activity monitoring and history

In Weenect online portal, you can check the location history of all paired devices. Weenect Pets, designed for your dog, also store simple statistics about your dog´s activity.

Message buttons

Children do not need the smartphone at school. Kids and Silver devices have 3 message buttons, which can be used to send predefined messages. Messages can be edited in Weenect online portal.

Entries and exits

User can set up zones and will be informed everytime when the device enters or exits the area. So you can be informed when your child enters the school or when your dog runs away from the garden.

SOS button

Devices Kids and Silver for children and elders have SOS button, which can in case of emergency let relatives know that something happened. The information is shown on chosen phones and they can call the Weenect device. Mostly elders find it helpful, because they do not need to find glasses.

Weenect Kids, Silver, Cats and Pets
  • 4 different devices for users with different needs and wishes

  • Kids and Silver can be used as two-ways communicators and message senders

  • Pets device allows realtime monitoring, evaluates simple statistics and is waterproof (IP67) and dogproof

  • Cats provides one-way voice communication and weights 25g only

Internet portal and mobile application
  • Weenect online portal is user friendly and with no additional software needed

  • portal is used for devices administration, safe zones set up and location history review

  • application is available for Android and iOS systems

  • you can manage more devices from your Weenect online portal

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