Modern smart mini device with low operational costs, which supports and extends your space

into new dimension of mobile communication and entertainment.

Beacon is a Bluetooth transmitter communicating with devices in maximum range of 150 m, according to its settings. In cooperation with mobile app and content management system, it can activate payment, send push messages and open pop-up windows or web presentations with multi-media content. System manages marketing campaigns and creates reports.


Beacon interacts with smartphones and tablets with operation system iOS 7 and Android 4.3 and newer ones.

Beacon usage examples

Localize your advertisement

When a customer appears in the defined distance from the beacon, the communication starts. Show him additional information about the goods or serve a special offer via push message. Beacon sends its ID and the device downloads the content from the internet. It is the entertaining way of interactive communication in your stores.

Interactive exhibitions and engaging museums

Support your exhibits with comments or interactive presentations in visitor´s device. Let him share the content on social networks and bring you new fans.

Organize geolocation contests

Exploit various possibilities of interaction in your contest. Use beacon e.g. as a checkpoint, which records contestant´s appearance. The data can be then shown in map section of your app.

Register your employees

Record entry and exit times and movement of employees within your company. The only thing you need are beacon key rings.

Monitor customer movement

Beacon fixed e.g. on shopping cart transmits continuously information about its position to Gateway device. Gain anonymous aggregated data for statistical analyses. There is no additional activity required from the customer.


  • Manage your beacons online and add web presentations with multi-media content

  • Check battery status

  • Set the distance, where beacon starts the communication (3 modes) – to 10 cm, to 1 m, to 150 m (in perfect conditions)


  • Continuous monitoring of beacon appearance

  • Recognizing beacon distance

  • Saving the data to application on server

  • Possible cooperation with temperature, humidity or pressure sensors

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