Ecosystem based on ID management stored mainly on plastic cards. ValueMaster is a flexible solution which will help you to take your loyalty or club program to the next level.

We of course as well offer development of a brand new tailor made loyalty solution.

Do you think about connecting merchants, public transport, stadiums or libraries into one unified city card, or do you plan to issue smart gift cards? If so, look no further.



ContractFarming: ideal for farmers and agriculture industry companies which buy various plants and other goods. We provide a solution to distribute subsidies and ensure that these are used for a defined purpose, e.g. buying seeds or agricultural machines.

DigitalVouchers: Distribute digital vouchers to your customers and thanks to card based redemption get a complex overview of campaign effectiveness – from email open rates to redemption in store.

MobileCouponing: Engage with your customers through the device they have with them all the time. Rich segmentation possibilities and event based campaigns. For example surprise customers right after they bought something in your store with a coupon or gift, redeemable immediately.

DestinationCard: connect partners to functional networks and projects with wide range of possibilities. Suitable not only for standard retail chains or banks, but also for cities, micro regions and public institutions.

MicroFinance: Create regional, company or club currency. Whether the currency is cash or points, you keep the money in a closed ecosystem within your region and defined network of your partners.

UrbanMobility: City cards which connects public transportation, culture, sightseeing, tourism, shopping and other aspects of everyday life of a city inhabitants.

LoyaltyCard: connects to an existing program or creates a new one. System works with various acceptation solutions, from payment terminals and mobile app to online interface or cashier system integration. Cash back functionality and customer segmentation functionalities are included.

SocialCard: Suitable for public institutions which need to distribute welfare payments which could be spent only in defined stores and for defined goods.


Big data analytics is an integral part of ValueMaster and helps us to process and use data in real time.


  • Find out who is your target group

  • Use your data for planned or real time communication

  • Enrich them with your current data…

  • …or export them for further analyses elsewhere.


For every project we thoroughly consider with the client how to minimalize the need of expensive investment for the integration into current systems. Thanks to the system flexibility we offer several options that reflect your needs and preferences.


  • Using current payment terminals

  • Using "ValueMaster" terminal

  • The integration into cashdesk system

  • Smartphone or online validation

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